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How to choose the right hosting provider for your website?

Check, make tests!

When it comes time to choose your web host, you should always keep in mind that you are buying a service, so it is important not to stop only at the price but the quality of the company that offers this service. Check, make tests! Before buying a new appliance, you will usually ask your friends, colleagues to give you feedback on what they have to get an idea of ​​what is good or not. It's the same for hosting your website: ask your colleagues, business partners, and even your customers which company they use and what kind of services they have. A small thing, ask the web host you are interested to provide the names of some customers, then you can contact to get some more information! Some questions to ask about the company: How many customers do they serve? What is the percentage of "uptime"? (99.9% is ideal) Should you make a payment in advance How fast and how their technical support work? Can you change hosting plan easily if your needs change along the way? How much is the hosting? I am often ask this question, and this is normal because everyone wants the most for his money! By cons, we should not stop at price alone when it comes time to choose a web host. Want a price? I can tell you that in general, hosting varies between $ 5 and $ 50 a month and the price includes always varies from one company to another.

A bad hosting can get expensive

A bad hosting can get expensive, this translates in terms of visitors, loyalty and conversion rates if your website is a business website ... because of several characteristics that we will address in this article The hosting is characterized by space and bandwidth first, which are the two characteristics that are found in each hosting, regardless of the OS used. Not to mention the "Up Time" or the availability rate of your site that should not be less than 99%. Here is a golden tip: Avoid free hosting, it's dangerous! If you choose free hosting, you may lose all your data, because there is no free service that until now guaranteed the availability of your website ... It will come the day you're going to find your website without hosting ... Free hosting it is an hosting with millions of users stuck in a very limited space ... What makes browsing your website very very slow! The speed, exists only in quality hosting. Well-on, you'll benefit neither technical support nor an automatic backup of your website if you choose a free hosting. Not to mention the commercials inserted by most free hosting ... Note that if advertising is placed on top of the pages of your website, most users will go to see the site in advertising even before reading the content of your site :( So now, it is better to INVEST in good hosting, than go through an hosting which has no relationship with quality.

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